My first Wikipedia edit: History of Haiti – The 2004 Rebellion


Since Haiti is all over the news I went to look at the History of Haiti on Wikipedia and I found this

Investigators discovered extensive embezzlement, corruption, and money laundering by Aristide. Aristide had stolen tens of millions dollars from the poor nation.[32][33][34]

These sentences masquerade true and factual and convict Arisitde plain and simple.
“Arisitide had stolen” implies completed action and assigns responsibility with no references to any allegations or court findings..

Frankly, I was shocked. Could this possibly be true? I thought that if this is true, it is pretty extreme and certainly big news to me. So I read the citations and I found them to be pretty thin. They come across as hit pieces and screeds against Arisitide. For example:”Hell-sent dictator Aristide”, etc.. I did some searches and discovered that the case against Aristide was dropped in 2006 with nothing being proved. So I added some additional material of my own directly following the ‘offending’ sentence:

However, none of the allegations about Aristide’s involvement in embezzlement, corruption, or money laundering schemes could be proven, and the much publicized court case brought against Aristide was quietly shelved. [35] Aristide’s lawyer, Ira Kurzban, said, “No wrongdoing, of any kind, has been found. Although scores of Haitians have been working day and night to find the money that the President supposedly took, it’s now obvious, there is none.” The Haitian government suspended the suit against Aristide on Jun. 30, 2006 to prevent it from being thrown out for want of prosecution. [36]

Check it out here:

Ah Wikipedia…the world’s encyclopedia.


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