Note on the Death of South Korean President Roh

My comments sent to the BBC on the ‘suicide’ death of former South Korean President Roh.

This is darn fishy to me. A guy battles his whole life to open democracy in a single party system and fights his way up to become president of Korea. Then a few months later makes a “jump”. Oh yeah right. I believe, yes I truly believe.

Everyone knows in Korea that the majority of the so-called “press” are a comical bunch of right wing hacks. If you are 2cm or more to the left of Ghengis Khan you will understand this fact instantly. Nobody can live in Korea for 62 years and not have a thick skin and a jaded view about the “press” . Koreans have a long tradition of suicide, but to think that someone with this kind of experience within the Korean system would off himself over an “allegation” is bizarre and almost absurd.

It’s no secret that the GNP – Lee Myung Baek’s party has a long history of ruthless, self-serving thugishness (see above the one-party system). After all they openly endorsed the coup in Thailand in 2006 and warned Roh that they thought it was a good idea. I would put nothing past them.

At the very least, what you read here is obviously less than 1/2 of the whole story:


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