Reassessing Deng’s Speech to The Generals,

Wherein my Chinese friends hate me & I’ll never get another visa to China.

 I dig up Comrade Deng in order to understand why Tiananmen happened and take a closer look at the rationalizations which were made to justify this brutal turning point in Chinese history. The speech itself is clearly riddled with inhuman hypocrisy and crude propaganda. But I wish to look at the underlying logic in order to understand the choice made by Deng and his sycophants, what was desired, what are the long term results today and the price that has been paid by China and her people.

The central tenet of this speech is the “Unbeatable Achievement” of making China a ‘Developed’ country. The ultimate rationalization for the Beijing massacre was the goal of improving the national GDP and improving the standard of living of China’s citizens. I believe that 20 years later, this project is only partially a success – having been accomplished in some area of the country and decidedly much less accomplished in rural areas. Second, this rationalization is a deal with the devil, requiring a moral vacuum to implement. Third, it is a pipe dream to expect a country to be fully developed without the vote and the franchise. And, the goal itself is empty and hollow, ultimately unsatisfying – just like America’s consumer culture. Finally, 20 years later is painfully obvious that this current condition of Chinese society, whatever the price is unsustainable and will ultimately fail.

The second theme of the speech is “openness”. That is transparency in government and access to information. In both cases what resulted in the last 20 years is a total failure. China is open to outside influences (to a point) but the government remains non-transparent and non-accountable. The population is under constant threat and constant surveillance. (As Etiene La Boetie says – “Ttyrants fear everyone because they attack everyone). And access to information remains closed at the behest of weak kneed, cowardly and morally bankrupt leadership.

Contemporary China is hollow at its core. It is a lie. Out in the wilds of Gansu where people still live in the dirt, despite the unbeatable goal of the developed nation, the truth is a lie. The promise is a lie. Life goes on but it is a lie lived every day. I can’t open my mouth, I can’t vote, I can’t live like the Princesses (witches) and Princes (warlocks) of Shanghai and Beijing, much less New York or San Francisco. I think that those still living in tents in Western Sichuan might ask after 20 years “Where exactly is this Unbeatable Goal?”

And China wants this development with No Franchise. India is a democracy. In fact, it is the world’s largest democracy. Similar to China in many ways. Imagine if Gandhi and Nehru had been morally bankrupt fascists who refused the vote out of fear for their positions of privilege. Calcutta, by the way, is officially run by the Indian Communist party. That is the ‘Elected’ Communist Party. If a political party is strong and its ideology and programs are sound, then it doesn’t fear the vote. The Chinese so-called communists are paternalistic and corrupt. Their agenda, methods and ideology are bankrupt. This is a recipe for ultimate, absolute failure.

The Unbeatable Goal is an illusion – a cop out – and a sell out. The Chinese leaders are like a bunch of hayseed rubes in awe of the penny arcade…marveling at the great Steamboat Willie and John Wayne cartoons and myths. They bought the Hollywood stories and not the reality. “Mei Guo” is not the beautiful country perceived by many of the Chinese people. The word itself is a failure of Chinese grammar and thus leads to unrealistic ideas on the part of Mandarin speakers who know nothing of America but nevertheless become seduced by the idea of the Beautiful Country. I have been there. I lived it. It is no bed of roses. And following this model is a fool’s errand.

Deng and his people are basically stunted rats with inept brains. They looked around and made what they thought was a right choice. And 20 years later, they are still cowards presiding over a castle built of sand. Their mantra is “We want a “developed country without the franchise.” In today’s world it is illogical and, in the long term, impossible. I would argue that the West is moving towards a self-destructive, species-suicidal new form of feudalism. And in the Chinese communist party’s single minded goal of raising GDP, they are following the West like lemmings to the sea. Deng’s boys (including Zemin, Jintao, and Jiabao) have hitched China to the caboose of this chugging train – while the train’s engine has already dropped off the cliff. Good Luck Boys. Methinks we are all going to see you at the bottom of the cliff….. in Hell.

But how can you say that? China has factories – and production capacity. They can produce value added products. But who exactly are they going to sell to? The broke Americans? The broke Europeans? The broke Russians? Uhm… Perhaps they can sell to themselves …after they don’t pay their workers. When oil is $200 per barrel, how will the factories run? On mountains of Shanxi coal which will put the final nail in the coffin of China’s very polluted environment? And if oil is $200 barrel how can products be shipped around the world? Furthermore without oil based fertilizer to pour all over their terraced rice fields, a heck of a lot of rice will be impossible to grow and a lot of people will be hungry. Same there. Same here. Same everywhere.

Now I want to look at some of the more relevant parts of Deng’s 6/9/89 speech and respond appropriately.

“Moral cowardice and intellectual corruption are the natural concomitants of unchallenged privilege.”
-Noam Chomsky

Deng Xiaoping
Source: Beijing Domestic Television Service

Deng’s quotes indented over here –>

<–My comments over here



DENG: This storm was bound to come sooner or later. This is determined by the major international climate and China’s own minor climate.

The Major Climate of 1989 was the apparent universal, total triumph of Western so-called capitalism. Led by Milton Friedman and the Chicago School (Greenspan, et al). Remember – “The End of History” and Maggie Thatcher’s TINA (there is no alternative).

And China’s then small climate which consisted at the time of how corruption of the initial ideals of 1948 had become so vast and integrated into the culture and economy that it was impossible to compete with the more efficient, ‘developed’ Western economics. China was obviously whipped coming and going by the Chigago Boys and the London Banking Cartel.

China’s socialism with Chinese characteristics could not compete, so surrender was necessary – just as Dowager CiXi surrendered to Western exploitation in the late 19th and early 20th century. A most auspicious company, comrades.

It was bound to happen and is independent of man’s will.

Yes – that’s right “MAN’s” will – Not MY WILL..or the party’s will…The buck does not stop here!

“What is most advantageous to us is that we have a large group of veteran comrades who are still alive. They have experienced many storms and they know what is at stake. They support the use of resolute action to counter the rebellion.”

What is at stake is that they might lose their privileged positions. They might become “uncomfortable” – If people get the vote these guys might lose their pension, their mistress, their right to lord it over the little folks. Furthermore, if the party or military resolutely argue the issues and positions raised by the movement (instead of hide behind their illegitimate authority) then they will LOSE the arguments every time and thereby lose face as well as their positions in Chinese society. And what is the point? Only to preserve their position and follow the yellow brick road to a developed nation. 20 years on this clique owns all the prime real estate all over the country and, under the tutelage of international capital maintains a rentier regime equal to… or surpassing the horrible capitalist roaders from whom they supposedly ~liberated~ the Chinese people in 1948.

“Although some comrades may not understand this for a while, they will eventually understand this and support the decision of the Central Committee.”

Yes – soon you will learn who your real boss is……and it sure as hell isn’t any of these punk kids or destitute, impoverished ‘counterrevolutionary’ workers.

Some comrades do not understand the nature of the problem. They think it is simply a question of how to treat the masses. Actually, what we face is not simply ordinary people who are unable to distinguish between right and wrong. We also face a rebellious clique. and a large number of the dregs of society, who want to topple our country and overthrow our party.

The Clique and The Dregs = The overwhelming majority of the city of Beijing, the majority of the young people, most of the country, and a significant portion of the party and military themselves. Damn them all!

Country = Party. Let’s follow the sick logic (and not forget similar claims made by the mirror image weak kneed ninnies Bush and Company circa 2000-2008 in the USA). An Unarmed request for accountability, transparency, an end to the institutionalized corruption, and the introduction of the Franchise – which every other “developed” country in the world has – equals ‘an attempt to overthrow the party.’

As Deng might have said in private: After all, we are nothing but a bunch of morally corrupted mental midgets. We can’t legitimately argue any of these points and our true foundation of power rests on crushing the people (i.e., Mao’s gunbarrel). Naturally any tough question for which we traditionally and perpetually have no answer will further weaken our power and since we are the state – we are China – these requests are a direct attack on China. Therefore China (us) must defend itself by killing you so you won’t ask anymore annoying questions. We know what is best so please shut up.

This is Condescending, twisted paternalism at its worst.

This is the essence of the problem. Failing to understand this fundamental issue means failing to understand the nature of the incident. I believe that after serious work, we can win the support of the overwhelming majority of comrades within the party concerning the nature of the incident and its handling.

That is, if our propaganda and control of information is good enough, we can sell this can of worms to the ignorant masses whom we fear and for whom we have total contempt.

The incident became very clear as soon as it broke out. They have two main slogans: One is to topple the Communist Party,

(as they say in Wikipedia citations needed) and the other is to overthrow the socialist system.

This is Pure comedy. You overthrew socialism Deng. If you want a socialist country go to Sweden. China is not a socialist country, and the Chinese communist party is the American 1980s-2008 Republican Party (er I mean money party) with Chinese characteristics.

Their goal is to establish a totally Western-dependent bourgeois republic.

This is Historical comedy of the highest order. Because Deng’s boys and the commie party were the ones who established a Western-dependent bourgeois corporatist state. Lao-Tze and Chuang Tze must still be busting a gut in in heaven.

Handling this matter amounted to a very severe political test for our army, and what happened shows that our PLA passed muster. …All in all, this was
a test, and we passed. Even though there are not very many senior comrades
in the army and the fighters are mostly children of 18 or 19 years of age –
or a little more than 20 years old — they are still genuine soldiers of the

Red Guards anyone? Here Deng comes absolutely clean. A pack of teenage thugs saved the party and thus the state and thus China. With all the concomitant meaning and results. This is too disgusting and hypocritical to even dwell on for long. I am feeling nauseous.

At the same time, we should never forget how cruel our enemies are. We should have not one bit of forgiveness for them.

And thus, if you are an anti-authoritarian, Jeffersonian democrat, see how your enemy views you dear reader.

We have already accomplished our first goal, doubling the GNP. We plan to take twelve years to attain our second goal of again doubling the GNP. In the next fifty years we hope to reach the level of a moderately developed nation. A 2 to 2.9 percent annual growth rate is sufficient. This is our strategic goal.

And ultimately, this is impossible on a finite planet. You got the moderately developed nation after 20 years, but “What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul?” (Mark 8:36). Regarding the GDP obsession …. Deng, a superficial materialist old hag, and an unthinking Keynesian, lays out a superficial materialist argument of received wisdom to the Party. But, 20 years later, the Party is over (see Richard Heinberg’s non-political book “The Party is Over”).

The Party is Over

The commies can dream on of real GDP growth (minus their cocked up 24% per annum monetary inflation) on a finite planet in their overpolluted country and on the backs of their poorest people.

So how are you going to continue to buy the acquiescence of Chinese people when inflation starts to explode? Let me remind you that there is only about $2 trillion in your foreign reserve kitty. You can multiply the effects of that sum through fractional reserve banking, but when all is said and done that will not be even a fraction enough to save China’s, …er…sorry, I mean the party’s ass.

After sixty-one years, a country with 1.5 billion people will have reached the level of a moderately developed nation. This would be an unbeatable achievement. We should be able to realize this goal. It cannot be said that our strategic goal is wrong.

Here is the key. You got your wish. What did you deliver? A superficial materialist society grounded in the sick and failing system of international capitalism. And the twisted aping of Mei Guo with Chinese Characteristics. Your country is ‘developed.’ You got your unbeatable achievement, but will it last and can it last? And ultimately at what price? This June 8, 2009 quote from Uncle James Kunstler is worth serious consideration.

“The collapse of General Motors and Chrysler signifies more than the collapse of US car manufacturing. It spells the end of the motoring era in America per se and the puerile fantasy of personal liberation that allowed it to become such a curse to us.
…And if other societies, such as China’s late-entry industrial start-up, want to adopt a similar fantasy, they will only find themselves all the sooner in history’s garage with a tailpipe in their mouths.

And Deng continues:

Promoting the enterprising spirit in plain living will also be helpful toward overcoming corruption.

Free Markets were instituted. The enterprising spirit was unleashed. Millions of Chinese DID NOT GET PAID. This is the enterprising spirit in its purest form. Furthermore, my grandmothers had a tradition of plain living in the United States. They also had the franchise which proved comparatively more helpful toward overcoming corruption !!! A fish rots from the head. And here Deng smells awfully fishy.

Naturally, in carrying out our reform and opening our country to the outside world, bad influences from the West are bound to enter our country, but we have never underestimated such influences.

What a gullible yutz. Your country is THE WEST now. You didn’t underestimate such influences….you bought them lock stock and barrel and swallowed them whole.

In the early 1980s, when we established special economic zones, I told our Guangdong comrades that they should conduct a two-pronged policy: On the one hand, they should persevere in reforms and openness, and the other they should severely deal with economic crimes, including conducting ideological – political work.

Deal with economic crime? The “reform” itself turned out to be one of the biggest economic crimes ever committed against the Chinese people. Relatively speaking – exactly Zero economic crime, much less environmental crime has been dealt with in China. Not to mention the moral failure and ethical bankruptcy of what has befallen the leadership of The Middle Kingdom. Corruption was not dealt with. It has been rewarded – following the American model – enhanced, improved, and strengthened as it presumably always will be under any system involving communist ‘Chinese characteristics’.

The Tiananmen protesters were rewarded with a ‘higher’ standard of living – if you consider running after and aping the flawed and buffoonish American development model as a reward. Outward material ‘prosperity’ was offered as a bribe to shut them up so the party oligarchy could remain entrenched. It is not any communist party today. It is the bottom left leg of international finance capital. It is so integrated into the international financial oligarchy that commie leaders preside at Davos and the G20. Anyway that one regards the transformation of China, it is a total corruption and compromise of 1948. The statues of Marx and Engels in Shanghai’s Fuxing Park need to be smashed down to make concrete for a new road to Laos.

What is important is that we should never change China into a closed country.

[i.e. shut down access to information !!!!] There is not now even a good flow of information.

Nowadays, do we not talk about the importance of information? Certainly, it is important. If one who is involved in management doesn’t have information, he is no better than a man whose nose is blocked and whose ears and eyes are shut.

And as Deng might say today: “Thank God we can ruthlessly censor the internet in China with the kind help of rich western corporations. Even though they are capitalist running dogs they have done a fine job of teaching us how to keep our citizens noses blocked and eyes and ears firmly shut.

We should never again go back to the old days of trampling the economy to death.

Better yet – let the economy trample the Chinese people to death.

America has criticized us for suppressing students. In handling its internal student strikes and unrest, didn’t America mobilize police and troops, arrest people, and shed blood? What qualifications do they have to criticize us?

In in this last quote we see a hard bitter lesson for most Americans: Pot, Kettle, Black.
Keep your house in order before you open your traps or you lose the moral high ground and no one takes you seriously.

In his final incarnation, your boy Deng became just as corrupt in spirit and deed as Mao at his worst. Wanting to be developed is a great idea. But current Chinese leadership is ultimately a moral midget and a bad international example. It has become a cowardly power that now rests firmly on the base of greed and puts its hope in the international capitalist system which is breaking down and crumbling before our eyes. Was this good judgment or bad, Deng? You heard the siren’s call. You did what you thought China needed. You surrendered. You tossed socialism for good. You instituted a fascist state of which Mussolini and others would be proud. You polarized wealth unimaginably. You walked up to the economics department in the University of Chicago and beheld the glorious glowing figure of Mickey Mouse. You drank the Kool Aid – and you said “It is good.” Sew the wind, comrade. Deng’s choice for China was a total sellout. And a total washout. As uncle Max Keiser suggests: “You become what you hate and fear.”


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