Outrageous Document on Thailand from US Heritage Foundation

This document is here – http://tinyurl.com/cypvnnq

The U.S.–Thailand Alliance and President Obama’s Trip to Asia

Following up on his visit, the President should:

  • Facilitate Thailand’s entry into the Transpacific Partnership trade negotiations.The Thais will also have to come to the table fully prepared to make compromises.

If the Thai people had a negotiating party that adequately represented their interests, they would not make any concessions or compromises, and would fight for blood on behalf of their countrymen as the Koreans always do. The whole problem is that in previous negotiations, Thailand has routinely given away the farm. Now might be a good time to halt that inauspicious process. 

  • Keep broad strategic issues on the back burner. The 2012 Joint Vision Statement for the Thai–U.S. Defense Alliance, … highlights some important big-picture priorities, including a crucial commitment to “open access by all to shared maritime, space and cyber domains.” Going much deeper at this point is bound to raise more problems than it solves.

I.E. – Give the Thai’s nothing, and especially no help in shipping, logistics, space or information technologies (as routinely go to Japan or Korea). The US must continue to act within this Thai “friendship” like a mafia don, and maintain its clear, traditional position of superiority.

  • Protect and enhance the U.S.–Thailand military-to-military relationship. While the U.S. and Thailand navigate the political shoals in Bangkok, the U.S. can move unilaterally to deepen the relationship. Thailand should receive far more in the win-win assistance [i.e., contracts to purchase American weapons] and secure more slots at U.S. military academies, war colleges, and staff colleges. [i.e., so we can better instruct them on how to manage their domestic population through terror.] These programs and the current robust schedule of joint military exercises and deployments are the peacetime glue that holds the military alliance together.

And let me remind you that every time a US military vessel arrives to port in Sattahip for one of these ‘exercises’, one or more Thai women – usually poor women from the northeast with little or no local support network, and few options – will be routinely raped and badly hurt in Pattaya by military personnel who will be quickly back to their vessel. Source: My 2+ years of one-to-one English lessons and interviews with local people who know the victim and the story and know exactly what the situation is.  It’s always the same. If it was up to me, all of these exercises would stop immediately.

  • Invite the Thai Prime Minister to Washington for an official visit. …Political divisions in Thailand should not prevent full, highly visible engagement with its political leadership. The U.S. deals successfully with the rapid rotation of Japanese prime ministers and cabinets. There is no reason that the U.S. cannot do the same with Thailand

Which is another way of saying that the Heritage Foundation fully supports military coups to overthrow any democratically elected government in Thailand.

The Heritage Foundation is a cabal of thieves, brigands and pirates. This paper from Walter Lohman deserves to be urinated upon and used for bird cage liner. The real people in Thailand should never listen to any agenda put forth by these criminals.


Look at the author’s pedigree:

Director of The Heritage Foundation’s Asian Studies Center. The Asia Studies Center…analyze[s] the full range of policy in East and South Asia and develop recommendations to further American interests in freedom and security. [‘Freedom’ for American business interest and virtual slavery and severe exploitation for everyone else except appointed overseers. ‘Security’ in the form of lucrative contracts for US weapons manufacturers along with unbending support for fascist governments all across SE Asia.]

Before joining Heritage…served as Senior Vice President and Executive Director of the U.S.-ASEAN Business Council for four years, etc…  [That is, led fishing expeditions on how to profit from ruthless exploitation of Asian workers and extract resources in ways that are beneficial to foreign investors – i.e. steal Asian county’s natural wealth – in cooperation with whatever pack of totalitarians are pointing guns at the heads of their populations]

In the late 1990s… was the council’s Senior Country Director representing American interests in Indonesia and Singapore.  

That is, he had to be actively in bed with notorious murderer and criminal, US ally General Suharto. ( Suharto tops corruption rankings http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/3567745.stm) Suharto was not deposed until 1998. And assisting the totalitarians in Singapore who supported the fascist dictatorship in Burma (heart: Chevron, the only US company doing business throughout the Burmese terror), caned a Canadian citizen ~instead of executing him (a fate reserved for poor Asians) and is now digging up the soil of country of Cambodia to construct a seawall.

The other part of his career has been spent as a Senate staff member. In 2002, he served as senior professional Republican staff advising Sen. Jesse Helms (R-NC) <- The worst, most vicious and open racist to sit in the US Senate since the civil war.

Originally from Norfolk, he now resides in Falls Church, Va. [SPOOKVILLE]

Obama is bad enough, but this particular clusterfuk is off the charts.

My advice is Run for your lives.


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