Bangkok Pundit False Equivalence today has a lovely bit of equivocation in his “analysis” of events in Thailand:

“The past few weeks have seen the government using an old legal case to strip opposition leader Abhisit Vejjajiva of his military rank and try to disqualify him from being an MP.

To the opposition this means that if their standard bearer can be summarily dismissed by a sitting government, then no one is safe.

To other centers of power (the military, the bureaucracy, the privy council, etc.) it shows that once again Thaksin is on the move with very heavy handed tactics that utilize the powers of government to eliminate obstacles to power.

Your boy, who otherwise gives credible if boring takes on Thailand is waxing hysterical here. He fails to mention that Mr. Abhisit is a dual national, he has passports from both England and Thailand. Imagine a dual national holding public office of any kind in the States or any other country. Abhisit is able to do this because Abhisit has proved himself to be the prime ass kisser of XXXXXXtheywhomaynotbementionedXXXXXX.

Further unmentioned here, is that Abhisit still has very real charges of Crimes Against Humanity lodged against him at the International Criminal Court, to which his British citizenship may compel him to suffer consequences.

The opposition mentioned here, which has lost every election for the past decade, and for which Mr. Abhisit is the “standard bearer”  consists of a fascist/anti-democratic/’business’ community, including some totalitarian members of the military, not to mention : XXUNMENTIONABLE DELETEDXXX.

This is all a bit over the top for me.

And then your pundit goes on to put the idea in the minds of certain members of this party that it is Mr. Thaksin, who is somehow on the march with heavy handed tactics. Of course it couldn’t possibly be democratically minded Thai people who are trying to defend themselves from corrupt and poisonous institutions imbued with an infantile culture of total impunity, backed up by decades of  rule by the barrel of the gun and non-stop persecution of any progressive forces that might dare to raise their heads.  Yes, Thaksin had many drug dealers killed without judicial oversight (1 decade ago), but he is still in exile, and yes, his sister Yingluck, current PM, is acting much too obsequiously and cowardly regarding political prisoners jailed during Abhisit’s thuggish right wing administration. But there has not been de-humanizing language coming from Yingluck’s side – which was and is standard practice from Abhisit’s – and so far Yingluck has not left scores of her own countrymen dead and murdered in the streets – which Abhist most certainly did.

Going on about “both sides do it” is a total cop-out and in no way should count as “analysis”.

I have had it up to my chamoo yai (big nose) with foreigners throwing up their hands and going on and on about how hopeless Thialand is – Thai culture, politics, people, institutions, ad infinitum.

So often these “experts”, “geniuses”, “reporters” and so-called “pundits” sit on their asses enjoying luxuries far beyond what they could access in their more developed home countries, and then they will look out the windows of their automobiles or air-conditioned apartments at what they see as uneducated, uncouth and uncultured ruffians who don’t look or talk like them. Oh and then they will wonder and whine about Thailand being utterly hopeless from top to bottom.This is completely predictable and common practice. There is hardly any nuance or context to be found in almost any foreign report on Thailand, and a whole lot of fantastical hyperbole to prop up their “exotic” credibility.

It seems quite obvious to me that there are gigantic swathes of myopic over-privileged yutzes calling themselves journalists who spew all kinds of nonsense like this to the outside world.

This is the second time in two weeks I have seen Fallangs going over the top with their purported knowledge and analysis of Thailand.


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