Again, for those who don’t understand the English language: Race-ism is a system or paradigm of privilege based on race; as capitalism is a system based on capital and communism is a system based on community. Can we retire to an Oxford English dictionary to absorb the meaning of the suffix please? A racist is someone who participates in such a system of privilege and accordingly benefits from it. Included within this paradigm is the perceived ability to rearrange linguistic definitions to suit one’s purposes. Such as re-defining “racist” to mean bigotry or discrimination and thereby alleviating one’s conscience and subconsciously perceived guilt and complicity in order to bring about a negation of 400 years of excruciatingly documented history. [Someone] could only be a “racist” if he removed all your rights, enslaved you based on skin color, systematically oppressed you, removed all considerations of your humanity based entirely on ethnicity, split up your family, instituted a legal system of corrupt double standards based entirely upon melanin content, enshrined social practices of blatant discrimination, lynching, miscegenation laws, sterilization, eugenics and racial terror, backed it all up with extreme armed force and arbitrary death penalty for non-compliance, and then had the utter temerity to come out and call ~you~ a racist for refusing to acknowledge that such a system was not racist but indeed racism in point of fact.

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