Andrew Vachss

The ultimate fascism is child abuse. Its victims are Prisoners of War without a Geneva Convention to protect them, hostages to terrorism. As in all concentration camps, some prisoners imitate the oppressors. No surprise that the uninterrupted transgenerational abuse of children produces the most fervent followers of fascism.

And make no mistake, most fascists are followers—violent sheep “led” by a handful [of] profiteers.

What is there to say about a belief system which, carried to its logical conclusion, worships degeneracy? …Because their ideology is a celebration of incest, it is easy to understand the fascist tolerance of all forms of child sexual abuse.

And that truth compels another: Righteous war against oppressors of humanity is the highest calling of our species…

Fascism is the politics of the sociopath. It cannot be combatted by reasoned debate. The liberal seeks the “hearts and minds” of the electorate, while the fascist laughs behind his predator’s mask, disdaining the very concept of self-determination. But we must never imitate the oppressor, for then we become him….

Our course is clear. If we truly want to halt the poisonous blooms of fascism, we must start at its root. If we don’t act to save the children, we cannot save ourselves.

by Andrew Vachss, 1996


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