The pooch is screwed.

Another policeman at the school gate today after 4 days of not being there. The woman who hit every kid in her class, hit innocent kids randomly and hit a girl on the head with a stick for not showing respect wasn’t there today. The lady who caned a kid in the groin wasn’t there. The guy who hit every kid who arrived after 8:30 wasn’t there either. I do not want to be too hopeful but… I asked 3 classes if they saw any teacher hit any students today. They all said no.

But now I am apparently on the on the holy sh*t list by all the other teachers whose classes have been failing their exams at over 50% rates, the one’s who hired me, the same teachers who have apparently made their living hitting kids for years. Suddenly my classes are too loud, disorderly and disrespectful. Kids having too much fun. The students are apparently lower orders of mammal who are supposed to sit silently, wait for the bell and file out to the next processing and rendering room in a quiet orderly fashion. 12 and 13 year olds. That is successful teaching, you know: Sit down and shut up.

My guess is that the old “teachers” are all now a resentful and jealous wolf pack, hell-bent on ditching the intruder in the dust and turning the place back into a morgue.

We’ll have to see about that.

What is the worst they could do? Fire me?

And send me off to city hall, the papers, the TV stations, The Education Board, The ASEAN human rights commission,  and all the international web boards? Sorry. The pooch is screwed.


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