This time it really looks like the reign of terror is over. Students have reported seeing no teachers hit any students at all recently. I must have been totally out of my mind and insane to stand up to the woman I confronted in the courtyard two days ago. Because apparently she is some kind of big muckety muck and I saw her eating lunch with a bunch of big shots who visited the school today. In the Thai context that means I must have come off as a wild, mad, raving lunatic.

Anyway, however cracked or demented I have been, it worked. The hitting has stopped. Like cold and dead in its tracks. Not just at the front gate but everywhere else that I can tell.

You can no longer hear the constant whacks of students being hit.  Teachers are no longer carrying their canes and sticks to class. The people who were the worst student abusers do not even have a stick or switch visible anywhere in assemblies, activities or classes.   It is like a gigantic dark and terrible pal has been lifted from over the school. Unbelievable but true.

I don’t want to count all the eggs just yet, for as soon as I say it, they might start back again. I am sure that I am despised to the marrow of my bones in some quarters, but what is done is done. Things are now looking extremely good for the students. Very, very, very good in fact. And so much better than I could have ever hoped for, wished for, imagined or expected even a few days ago.

Right on and Cheers.


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