Another Incident

Another incident today of a teacher hitting the kids. I sat down to wait for the class before mine to be finished and 3 minutes before class ended, a bunch of boys were made to line up in front of the class and get whacked with a cane. I pulled out my camera and got a video of another teacher hitting the kids. She saw me filming and went wild. Lost her cool. I explained very loudly in front of her class where they could all hear that it was illegal to hit the kids. Always. She came on with a lot of kids agree, parents agree BS. I said again, in front of her class, that it is always 100% of the time illegal under all circumstances. I pulled out my copy of the written law and gave her my phone and told her to call the police right now.

I ended up talking to my supervisor who told me that all the teachers have complained about me . That they all don’t agree with the law so they just don’t follow it. She also told me that the other teachers complain because I can’t “control” my class. The operant concept here is “control”. Not much else and certainly not the welfare of the kids. I said as long as my students are being beaten that they are going to be beyond difficult to control. Eh…never mind…I am the one egregiously at fault here for wanting to protect the students and continuing to complain about a plague of unprofessional teachers engaging in illegal actions.


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