Punishment = Violence

I was hoping I could make it through the last week of exams at this school without witnessing any more violence against children. No such luck. During the last exam of the day, today, the woman who some of the foreign teachers yesterday called “the nicest” in the school methodically comes through each exam room carrying a clipboard of names and a cane. She calls out these 12 year old students and makes them stand up and canes them right in front of the others while they are taking exams. Real nice. And sick. I would have videoed it but I didn’t take my camera, as I was expecting a non-violent day for testing and exams. No such luck.

Incidentally, the English exam given today contained 12 unanswerable questions out of 40. That is 12 with more than one correct answer or no correct answer. That’s over 30% of the exam questions that are incoherent for students of English. Students who also have to put up with witnessing or enduring ritual violence and abuse on a daily basis.

One of my 12 year old students said that a teacher came and explained to her class that teachers don’t want to hit students but if the student misbehaves, then they have to be punished. You can read right there that PUNISHMENT = VIOLENCE. Period. There is no nuance at all whatsoever. No extra work, no extra writing, no extra running, no extra push-ups, no detention, no physical exercise, no standing, no time out. Nothing. In the minds of the teachers, there is only violence.

I don’t think it’s a school anymore. It seems much more like a hospital for the insane, where the severely ill patients are teachers and the therapists and doctors are young students who must absorb and endure the extreme pathology of the so-called adults.

I am not joking when I say it is a mental and physical torture chamber; an indoctrination and re-education camp that any sensible student would want to escape from as quickly as possible and any balanced, well-adjusted parent would be horrified to know what goes on and have their children enrolled there.


2 days of tests, 3 English tests

I    — 24 of 60 exam questions unanswerable. Sept. 23

II   — 12 of 70 exam questions unanswerable. Sept. 23

III  — 12 of 40 exam questions unanswerable. Sept. 24





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