Exit Interview

I was lied to in the Exit Interview where I was given notice for poor evaluation.

After the “evaluation”, unsolicited information was offered to me regarding corporal punishment (with no prompt from me at all and should not have concerned anything regarding evaluations or performance).

I was told “the law is flexible,” and that parents are offered to make an agreement with the school before the semester begins that the teachers can hit their kids or not. I asked how many agree and was told “most parents agree.” Which is odd since I see no official or recorded distinction or any database on who can and cannot be hit. In reality there is no distinction and it’s open season on anyone and everyone all day long.

I was also told that if I posted any videos of teachers hitting students that I would be blackballed from working at any government school. Which seems more than a little off considering that they just told me that it is technically legal according to their flexible interpretation. You’d think that if they were secure in their conception of the law that they would not be concerned or care a whit about any video evidence of any teachers hitting kids.

I went back and checked the law again today and found what they  told me was utter rubbish. Completely wrong. No agreements can be made and there is no flexibility anywhere at any time in the law. All flexibility and agreement with parents caveats were removed in 2005 – over 8 years ago.

This now seems like a wholly psychopathic enterprise run by a bunch of genuinely bent and mentally ill fools – conscious or unconscious – who are making their stake by preying upon kids, and running a protection racket for each other to allay their severe and chronic psychological traumas that they are manifesting daily on defenseless and powerless children. Plus they are backing it up and making excuses for their awful, disgusting behavior by chalking it up to their national identity and culture. Truly pathological and truly horrifying.


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