I predict that propping up Sirikorn’s rude insistence on manifesting her criminal pathology against her students is going to cost the institution multiple thousands of dollars in PR campaigns and manhours expended to try to shore up the complete disaster that they have brought upon themselves. Someone in authority could have told her and a bunch of other child predators to cool it, can it, and knock it off. To take a hike and/or simply chill out with the brutality on the kids. That would have taken all of 5 minutes and a couple of short breaths.

But no. Not a chance. It was a straight twisted psychological power play where the child-abuser manifested her psychosis prominently by demanding with whatever authority she accumulated in that institution that the ingrates therein cover for her rank pedagogical incompetence and continued vicious violence against students.

The fallout just from one incident, has already been that the administration which covered for her grotesque demands has lost the hearts, minds and traditional respect of a good solid majority of the entire school. Including most conspicuously the entirety of the 7th and 8th grade (M1, M2) student body. In the local cultural context, where teachers are supposed to be revered automatically, this is a wholesale system-wide disaster and collapse beyond any comparison and without precedent.

And all that to allay the sick pathologies and follies of a single, mad, severely disturbed woman obsessed with what she perceives as an absolute, institutionally protected right to exercise violence on children.


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