Good Teacher

I was informed today of a conversation between the supervisor who fired me and a teacher from England.  The supervisor wanted to know what motivated me to drag everyone’s pathology out into the sunlight, and wondered that “since he is such a good teacher” why would he do something terrible like that?

Bingo. Goes to show precisely that my so-called evaluation and firing was a total setup and a complete fiction. They just couldn’t stand the mirror held up to their faces.

And again, the one teacher who won’t use a stick to beat the students in that conversation included again her wonderment at why anyone would want to take a video of teacher’s hitting kids [illegally]. Without any thought about the fact that adults hitting kids in the classroom is not only offensive, “obscene” was the word I told her, but also criminal and insanely pathological.

How people can continue to justify these things to themselves is  beyond my comprehension. Clearly the social relationship  takes precedence -in desperation- over any consideration or qualitative judgement of the actions of the individuals with whom one enters the relationship. I have seen this before very close to home.

People can be so alienated and absolutely desperate for social interaction of any kind that they throw all ethical considerations out the window, and cheerfully, willfully ignore kids getting ruined and mutilated right in front of their eyes so that there can be a bit of pleasant chit chat at lunch.

Going back to the question, “Why did he do it?” the consensus of the women who fired me was that it was a complaint from M.4/5 class at the end of June. They thought that it was that incident which set me off. They ignored the fact that this was resolved, they never followed up with the students who later loved their new lessons with me, making English films and doing correspondence with students in America. Once our teacher/student problems were fixed, they were bouncing off the walls with joy day after day. And the students even apologized to me in the end for making trivial complaints.

Back again to the question “Why did he do it?”. The women who were appalled that I would contest their brutal and incompetent treatment of my students never could allow themselves to imagine that it was not the students that set me off, but it was in fact their very own personal wretched attitude and behavior which could have motivated me or anyone to make them so self-conscious and miserable .


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